Sunday, November 17, 2013

Creating an Allergy?

With all the clean eating I've been doing, and the healthy diet we follow 90% of the time, I have noticed when I indulge in something processed, something is happening. My throat feels bumpy and puffy for about a day after. I first noticed this during the summer. I was craving corn chips, Fritos to be exact. Not flavoured Fritos, just the old school curled corn chips. But the next day, I noticed the throat thing. It didn't happen again for a while, and then it happened with a "natural" snack. They were corn twists, with only corn, salt, oil and nutritional yeast as the ingredients.

Lately, it has been happening more frequently. I can't pinpoint what it is from exactly. But it doesn't happen when I eat unprocessed, whole foods.

I did a little research to see if there is anything on causing an allergy, but guess what? That's the million dollar question. If we could figure out how an allergy is caused, we could also figure out how to prevent it.

Because mine hasn't been life threatening, and because avoiding processed foods isn't a bad thing, I'm just going to observe and see what happens for now, making note of what I ate the day it happens. Anyone else notice anything like this?

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