Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I ate Wednesday

I decided to join in the fun for What I Ate Wednesday, inspired by

Our day here was extremely snowy, so after my breakfast of green tea and chocolate oats (an adaptation from I started the day shovelling.

We drove to school where I dropped my kids (older son to school, younger to our friends for the morning before preschool), then headed home. Because of all the snow, the car wouldn't go up the last hill, so I parked at the bottom and hiked up. 

I had a client scheduled for 10:00, so did some emailing and organizing before that. She ended up coming a half hour late because of the snow, and had to hike up the hill as well. I had nobody after, but was pretty hungry when she left.

Enjoyed a green smoothie, then tofu/cabbage/kale stir fry which looks bad, tasted great!

Then I headed out to the winter wonderland for an afternoon walk with my friend. Had a Starbucks decaf half sweet soy caramel macchiato on the stroll. 
Then I headed back to the school to get my older son. We had 40 minutes to kill before the younger son was getting dropped, so spent the time tobogganing at the school. Fortunately, the road was cleared on our way home, so I just had to shovel the driveway (which is an steep hill itself), before I could park the car.

We got inside and checked messages only to learn our weekly vegetable delivery also couldn't make it up the hill, so we had to pick it up at another location. Back in the car, now starving, we each had a little bag of Snappea crisps. I seemed to have one of my "reactions", but they were good and kept me from picking while I made supper. I also drank the rest of my green smoothie.

Um, too hungry for a picture before diving in. We had Chickpea Seitan patties, and Corn Salad (Mache) with a cashew dressing. The kids had carrots and mashed potatoes too.

The patties are from "The Great Vegan Bean Book". 

There's the leftover greens in my salad spinner.

Finished the day with oatmeal cookies.the recipe from the bag of oats. Old school with real sugar. I couldn't resist adding a scoop if hemp seeds...

That's it! I had planned a bike ride, but I'll be happy with a stretch before bed.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valuing the time spent improving your health

No matter how busy things are, we always make time for good food and a workout. How? It seems almost impossible the way our society is. The number one complaint I hear from clients is that they are too busy to cook, or exercise.

Part of the problem is the value society places on being busy and stressed. It is more acceptable to work a 10 hour day then to leave after 8 to ensure you get a run in. People listen with approval when you describe your day of running to the school, to work, kids to lessons and back for an evening meeting. But there is a tone of luxury to somebody describing getting off at 5:00, taking a long run, then cooking supper and sitting as a family to enjoy it.

There are so many options for kids extra curricular activities as well, many people jump on board as many as possible, only to have the week become booked up and evenings becoming a juggling act for parents.

So what can we do? Number one, have a plan in place. Know what your meals are going to be for the week. Prepare ahead whatever you can, whenever you can. Look at your schedule for the week and decide where workouts fit in and where you will have time for an actual sit down meal.

Number two- Make food and exercise a priority. When committing to things outside of the usual work week, look at how it will affect your health. If your child wants to take dance lessons, and swimming and play hockey how will you fit in what you need to do for your meals and health? Choosing one, or choosing times that still allow you to fit in what you need can help. Maybe hockey for winter, swim and dance in the summer? Maybe there's a class that is right after school so that you can still be home at a decent hour?
If you're on a sub-committee at work that needs to meet after work hours- maybe the team can meet before work? Or after supper?

It is about priorities, and your health has to be a priority. We need to support those that do fit in daily exercise and healthy meals by showing respect for these choices and not saying, "You're so lucky to have time for that." It is a choice. And in the words of Edward Stanley in 1873 "Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness." (I'd like to add preparing healthy food to that, but in 1873 I think most people still made their own meals.)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Musings from Sick Week

My older son and I were sick this past week and I spent nearly three days between bed and the couch. It amazes me that when we need to, we're able to clear a week for illness. We never do it just for fun, or to enjoy kids that are growing up too quickly, or to catch up on sleep. But once I realized I couldn't get out of bed and rescheduled everything for the week, I was able to devote myself to getting well and getting my son well, and keeping the other two safe. And the world didn't fall apart without me!

With all that time to think, I had some interesting revelations. For one, my need to eat fresh, homemade food all the time meant I had no soup for my recovery. Everyone should have a couple cans of soup or some frozen soup stashed away for a rainy day.

The second revelation is that we are always able to make time for illness, but are less willing to set time aside for wellness. Most people complain they are too busy to cook, or too busy to work out. We should treat these two things like doctors appointments, or meetings. Making fitness and healthy food a part of everyday life, and planning other items around them, has the potential to save you a lot of sick time in the future. I have a whole post planned to help you with this, and I'll get that up soon.

In the midst of sick week, my older son turned seven! And my Mum surprised him with a visit. Luckily we were improving by the weekend and able to have a little fun.

I used reduced beet juice to colour the angry bird! I will use a little food colouring for his party, which luckily was planned for next weekend!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I've already talked about my love of resolutions and I actually think self improvement is fun.

Last year I decided to switch all my face and body products to natural. It has been great, except we bought a bunch of shampoo on sale just before I swore off it and I still have a couple bottles to get through. But I use baking soda for my deodorant, the oil cleansing method for my skin, Jason, Power Smile is my toothpaste of choice. (My skin has never felt better, you should check it out-

This year, I had all my family members to send me their goals. They did, I celebrated. But have I sent them my resoultions? Nope, not yet. So I thought this post (before the shine of the new year fades) would be a good way for me to declare my intentions for 2014.

Career, family, wellness are the three areas I decided to set goals in.

Career: I'm going to advertise! I'm also going to try have set working hours/family hours so I'm not doing both (poorly) at once. It's not easy to draw the line when you're self employed, but as able I'm going to try. I'm also going to keep loving what I do. It's so amazing to spend my working hours talking about food and nutrition. I'm going to blog more regularly and make a few dietitian friends in Kelowna.

Family: Focus and be present with I'm with my kids. Ties into having set working hours, but I want to make eye contact when they're telling me something, not be checking messages.
I'm also lucky enough to have both of my grandmothers still. I'm going to send them a monthly letter, pictures, drawings the kids do. I'll pick up pretty stationary. Starting next month- they had two letters in December....

Wellness: I'm eating well, I love cooking, planning and finding new recipes to try. I'm going to keep trying new foods, new grains, new recipes.

I exercise regularly, but I need a goal on the horizon to increase my training. I'm going to run the Wine Country Half again, and I'd like to do a second half marathon as well. I would love to put together a team of clients and run a 10km with them or something too, stay tuned for more on that.

I don't sleep well, my mind ends up running through a hundred things as I try fall asleep. So I'm going to start by making a list of all the "to-do's" that pop into my head at bedtime, see if putting them on paper helps me sleep.

I'd also like to do more yoga, read at least one book a month, attend a conference, and give back to the community in some way...I'll post as it happens.

I think that's enough for now! I have a great feeling about 2014, and I wish you all a wonderful year! What are your goals for the upcoming year?

Resolve to drink more green smoothies?? Or work on those pecs?