Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I ate Wednesday

I decided to join in the fun for What I Ate Wednesday, inspired by

Our day here was extremely snowy, so after my breakfast of green tea and chocolate oats (an adaptation from I started the day shovelling.

We drove to school where I dropped my kids (older son to school, younger to our friends for the morning before preschool), then headed home. Because of all the snow, the car wouldn't go up the last hill, so I parked at the bottom and hiked up. 

I had a client scheduled for 10:00, so did some emailing and organizing before that. She ended up coming a half hour late because of the snow, and had to hike up the hill as well. I had nobody after, but was pretty hungry when she left.

Enjoyed a green smoothie, then tofu/cabbage/kale stir fry which looks bad, tasted great!

Then I headed out to the winter wonderland for an afternoon walk with my friend. Had a Starbucks decaf half sweet soy caramel macchiato on the stroll. 
Then I headed back to the school to get my older son. We had 40 minutes to kill before the younger son was getting dropped, so spent the time tobogganing at the school. Fortunately, the road was cleared on our way home, so I just had to shovel the driveway (which is an steep hill itself), before I could park the car.

We got inside and checked messages only to learn our weekly vegetable delivery also couldn't make it up the hill, so we had to pick it up at another location. Back in the car, now starving, we each had a little bag of Snappea crisps. I seemed to have one of my "reactions", but they were good and kept me from picking while I made supper. I also drank the rest of my green smoothie.

Um, too hungry for a picture before diving in. We had Chickpea Seitan patties, and Corn Salad (Mache) with a cashew dressing. The kids had carrots and mashed potatoes too.

The patties are from "The Great Vegan Bean Book". 

There's the leftover greens in my salad spinner.

Finished the day with oatmeal cookies.the recipe from the bag of oats. Old school with real sugar. I couldn't resist adding a scoop if hemp seeds...

That's it! I had planned a bike ride, but I'll be happy with a stretch before bed.

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  1. You mean I'm not the only one who eats the meal and then remembers the picture? LOL

    I think your stir fry looks good, even if not pretty...