Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer and Training

Summer is so wonderful! And it has continued to be very busy! Holidays, work and training have made time fly! I have not done a great job of following my training plan for the Wine Country Half Marathon, although I have been able to get the long runs in. Sadly, most of my weekday runs are 5 km, any pace. The longer runs haven't hurt too much, so I still should be able to enjoy the day, even if I don't set any personal bests.

I'll have another chance to set a PR. Greg and I registered for the San Francisco marathon next summer! Our tenth wedding anniversary will be next year, so what a great way to celebrate. A full marathon and another great city to eat and walk our way through.  Training will begin late March, and most long runs will be done before the crazy heat of July. My goal at this point is to feel good during the entire 42 km, since I've never experienced that (3 marathons, more painful each time!)

Processing fruit and canning tomatoes has begun. Last year I was canning tomatoes until 11:00 pm for several nights leading up to the half marathon. This year, I'm getting 20 pounds at a time in an effort to stay off my feet September 5. And my younger son will be starting school, so there shouldn't be any kids painting bedrooms the day before.( remember? )

My boys are actually helpful this year, and they peeled 20 pounds of tomatoes!

We are still loving the Okanagan summer and I love having my boys home with me. I can't believe that we are so close to the beginning of school. (possibly, if the teacher's strike ends...) Watch for a post on lunch box prep, coming soon.  

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