Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm Back!

I realize that was an incredibly long break from the blogging world! It was the busiest few months I have ever experienced. I was taking courses, taking clients, coaching, being a mom and training for a marathon. My last exam was early May and since then I've been to Edmonton to visit my sister, my parents came to visit, and I am typing this in beautiful Tofino!

Being idle for the first time in months has led to falling asleep every time I sit in the sun. Getting up in the morning has crept back later and later each day we're away. Initially I was checking work emails many times a day, then I graduated to one quick daily check, then filling any downtime with knitting washcloths and reading. At first I wanted to see how many cloths I could finish during the trip and how quickly I could get through my book, but now I'm fine to read menus online and plan my next meal. I think this was a much needed break for our bodies and brains!

Instead of doing one long run and a couple shorter runs, I have modified my training to include almost daily runs on the beach with the sound of the ocean crashing beside me. We also hike and walk hours a day.

One of the questions clients ask me is how to manage holidays and stay healthy (and not sabotage
 all their efforts.) It is simple, really.

1. Cook your own food 2/3 of the time. We eat out once a day or less. We still fill up on vegetables at most meals and breakfast is always at home. The rest of the time we relax and savour.

2. When you are eating out, choose higher quality restaurants. Higher quality satisfies more, and you can feel good about the choices you've made vs feeling guilt. We choose sustainably caught local fish. If we go for ice cream we look for homemade ice cream using local and/or organic ingredients.

3. Stay active. There is no better way to see a new place than by walking, hiking and running it.

When you get home, wait a few days before you take your weight and go back to normal eating/exercising  as soon as you're home.

You're on holidays, relax and have fun instead of stressing about your body!

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