Saturday, September 19, 2015

September Updates #BacktoSchool

Summer got away from us, so I'm here now and resolved to blog more regularly.

July was lovely and the month ended with my sweetie and I heading to San Francisco and running the marathon. I PR'd there, although I really want to PR more in the next couple years, before I hit 40. (although I'll keep getting faster after that too!) My mantra is 4 hours by 40.

Unfortunately, first week of August Greg was hit by a car biking to work. Thankfully he's okay, a few broken bones and a month filled with appointments, but he's here and he's going to mend. He has reminded me that in the almost 4 years of bike commuting this is his first accident, because I'm VERY resistant to him ever biking again. This also happened three days after I took my new road bike out for the first time, and I'm embarrassed to report I haven't been back on it.

So that takes us to September and it is time for me to confess my double life! I have returned to school to study Education. I dream of combining nutrition and teaching in the future, but for now I feel the only way to become competent at educating children is to become a teacher. My first 2 weeks of school has confirmed this. I feel like I'm in "Dead Poet's Society" every day. The professors are all incredible and they all began as teachers.

Right now, the two careers seem to have quite a gap between them. Although there is some overlap in counselling skills and creating materials for the public, I never felt I could reach children and families the way I would like to. I dream of education for kids that doesn't focus on nutrients and nutritionism, or Canada's Food Guide.  I envision an education that focuses on where our food comes from, why we should choose to eat more locally and ethically, how and why we cook, and how food fuels not just our bodies but our souls. But as I said, there is a gap between these two careers right now, so I am stuck living a double life for a couple of years while I study by day and see clients by night!

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