Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A quick update!

It's been busy here! Fruit season is upon us. We picked two huge bags of apricots early last week. I am now experimenting with sugarless canning and it seems to be going well. If my Home Economics roots serve me well, we will enjoy pure fruit preserves all winter long! Saturday we got cherries too, and with a new, faster pitter, a step up from the hand held, a few hours later most were frozen and processed. I also made a sugar free cherry preserve.

Sunday, my 6 year old was in the SunRype Kids Triathlon. He swam 25 m, Biked 1.5 km and ran 500m. It was one of the cutest events I've ever been to! Next year they both want to do it.

I also invented a raw chocolate chip cookie recipe. It needs a little refining to blog it, measurements weren't too precise. I'll make them again next week and share the recipe. But they were great!

I'm heading camping with the little boys for a night, the bag full of groceries does not scream dietitian!! I'll be supplementing the white hot dog buns, soy dogs, S'mores and chips with cherries, coleslaw and carrot sticks. It's one night, we should be okay.

More to come, I haven't forgotten the planned post on sweeteners and I'll likely do one on fats. Also, just got Michael Pollan's book "Cooked", and when I read a book, everyone around me is also "reading" the book. 

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