Saturday, August 10, 2013

My week

Well, another week of training under my belt. The half marathon is just under a month away. This week was another hot one in Kelowna. I did my shorter runs in the morning, on the treadmill. Because we were spending our weekend in Vancouver, I switched a run for a ride on the bike trainer, then ran two beautiful mornings in Vancouver. There's something special about running on the Sea wall in the morning, with so many other people out and about too. One of my runs felt amazing! I seemed fast (for me), and most importantly, almost effortless. The next was a little sluggish.

We drove home Sunday, so I did my long run Monday. It was a holiday, so I'm lucky to have my husband home so I could run off for two hours! My run is now up to 18 km. I ran 3 km uphill, then 7 km downhill and finished on the flats. The boys met me at the beach and I recovered in the lake with a smoothie (almonds, soymilk, cocoa powder, cinnamon and lots of ice.) I didn't feel as great as I would've liked, but after two big runs in Vancouver and walking non-stop for two days, my legs were done.

Even two days post long run, I was still hurting a bit! But the rest of my runs this week weren't too bad. I moved my "magic mile" to next week to up the quality of it.

In other news, we're still loving summer, loving the beach, and I'm loving the freedom school holidays have given us. The boys are best buds, and fall will be tough on them! Thankfully, it's early August still, lots of summer to be had still. Enjoy!

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