Sunday, September 8, 2013

Half Marathon Update!

Well, the Wine Country Half Marathon was this weekend. I spent the day before cleaning up a huge paint mess that my four year old and his buddy made for me. It was insane the amount of paint they got everywhere. I also spent the week before canning/freezing and drying which meant a lot of time standing on my feet. Felt like shopping. Ugh.
I also spent the night before wondering if I'd done enough to prepare for the day. And why didn't I eat more on the day before? Oh, right, the paint mess. I spent a good portion of the day on my hands and knees scrubbing green paint out of a carpet!

But I did it!! I achieved my modest goal of breaking two hours (1:58:54!). I completed all my runs as scheduled except the last 40 minute run when I couldn't tear myself away from 50 lbs of tomatoes!

The day started off quite rainy so I made the call to leave the family at home and go alone. I met a wonderful woman, the owner of "Living Water Vineyard" and spent the hour before the race with her. I can't wait to try her wine, reviews of their certified organic wine sound great! (There's also a carriage house on site where you get a bottle of wine and a lovely place to stay.)

The beginning was a lot more uphill than I had imagined and I'm just thankful I live in Glenrosa and almost always do hill training. My first 6 miles were great, I ran them in 49:14 (my best pace ever!).  But I started to fade in the last few miles. My hip had been bugging me most of the week before, likely a canning injury. But as I neared the last mile I was so close to my goal I knew I had to push.

The event was followed by a wine and music festival. But I was cold and wanted to hit up the Farmer's Market for our weekly produce haul and one of Master Bakery's cinnamon buns. So I didn't even have a sip of wine, just headed out to the car and off to market. Sweaty and happy!

Today, I'm already wondering what's next. I'm making my new training plan and searching for events. I feel like with a proper rest week prior to the event, I could push it even more and I can't wait to try!
Took me a while to figure out this giant medal is a coaster! Cute idea!

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