Friday, September 27, 2013

This weeks food prep

Calzones, red pepper hummus, baba ghanouj, a very strange almond spread, zuchinni/apple/carrot muffins and bars (iced for fun), apple pie millet (ready to go in the slow cooker), breaded tofu "pumpkins", and a bunch of market fresh vegetables! Oh, and home made pitas in the centre!

This week's lunches were a breeze thanks to a few hours of prep on Sunday. I still had time for a run, a hike with the family and other mum duties. It is so worth it! 

Check out for more inspiration. I've also been freezing half the lunch items so my boy doesn't tire of them. Getting a nice frozen variety now, he can choose the night before and I'll pull out a tamale or calzone. It's going well, I'm totally going to keep it up!

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