Monday, April 28, 2014

A Packaged Bar I'm Loving

I recently came across Powerplant Whole Food Bars and I am loving them. These are raw whole food bars which contain sprouted seeds. You already know I love sprouts. The ingredient list is great, and the nutrient profile us too. I contacted the owner for some samples, for me and to share with clients. These great bars were created in Kelowna, so I'm also supporting a local business.

Although the grams of sugar are slightly higher than I look for in a bar, the fibre and protein content make up for it. Each bar also contains 25% of the Daily Value for iron, from natural sources. I love that these bars aren't fortified, there is no chalky texture or after taste.

Currently I'm sampling the coconut. There are two other flavours to choose from, Fruit and Veggie. All come in a chocolate covered option (70% organic,  Kosher, bittersweet chocolate), and Coconut and Fruit are also available "bare". (No chocolate, which at first seems crazy, but if you want a couple bars living in your purse or glove box, these are a great option, and they still taste great.)

The company also offers a Sprouted Seed Spread, in Chocolate or Coconut. Again, these are a great source of iron and a nut free alternative for school lunches. I love the spread on an apple or a scoop on my oatmeal. 

Frozen Veggie shots are also available, and are a great addition to smoothies. 

Check out their website: and use the promo code "kelly" for 10% off and free shipping.

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