Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some Updates

It's been a while since I wrote an update on things. So what's been up lately?

Spent a weekend in Vancouver for my husband to run the marathon. As usual, we walked a lot and ate well. If you're in Vancouver, the Naam is a must for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything. They are open 24 hours! www.thenaam.com

Mudd, Sweat and Tears happened here May 10. I added it to my year when I was trying to come up with New Years goals. My neighbour and friend said I should join her family team. I kind of dropped the ball on the training, and my upper body was weak, but I managed the 6km, with the help of my team and other competitors. I really enjoyed the physical challenges! But mud for the sake of mud, cold temperatures and no recovery food afterwards made it something I likely won't do again.

However, I'm inspired and have incorporated upper body exercises into my next training plan, which starts next week for the Wine Country Half! I'm starting early, to go farther sooner, so when we take our family holiday to Tofino this summer, I can scale back. 

Last update, my husband and I decided to take five days and avoid added sugar. It's eye opening when you see where sugar is hiding, even for me! I'm managing fine except for my morning chocolate chips! Who would've thought that a couple tablespoons of dark chocolate a day would make my morning? I even had a caffeine withdrawal headache from that little bit. (Max 20 mg of caffeine vs 75-150 mg in a cup of regular coffee).

We are doing lots of big salads this week. Stir fry with the bok choi and pak choi we got from the Farmers market, and asparagus too. A great way to feel great and keep any sweet cravings at bay!

So that's that! 

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