Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ahhh, Vacation

I just returned from 10 wonderful days on the ocean in Tofino with my three favourite boys. Our days were filled with daily runs, beach walks, good food and relaxing. My boys were perfectly happy to spend hours climbing in the driftwood and running on the beach. I'm happy to sit on a log with a good book, looking up at them from time to time and loving that they aren't using anything but their imaginations to create hours of fun.

The ocean always brings me such perspective. On the second day, I was running on the beach on a misty morning with the ocean waves crashing beside me. I couldn't hear anything but the pounding surf, and suddenly the greatest sense of peace washed over me. I had the thought that nothing I worry or stress about really matters. I stumbled on a quote yesterday, in my horoscope of all places, that drove my entire feeling home "You cannot overestimate the unimportance of practically everything". John Maxwell. To me, that just gave such a feeling of calm and of being in the present moment, enjoying my boys.

Between the ocean air, the lush rainforest and the sound of the ocean, I have returned to Kelowna feeling rested and healthy. Sadly, the peaceful feeling is trying to leave. But I am trying to maintain balance and hang on to my perspective, being present in the moment so that I'm not half dietitian/half mother at any given moment.

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