Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another product I love

I really don't like recommending products or supplements to my clients. It gives me an uncomfortable, unethical,  Dr.Ozzy feeling and I want no part of it. So that's why if I tell you about something, I promise it's only because I actually like it. I would also never claim something to be a miracle or magic bullet.

For years now, I've struggled to stay asleep all night. And I do everything I'm supposed to. I avoid caffeine, eat well, exercise, stretch before bed, keep a list of whatever may be playing on my mind and disrupting sleep. But still, when I wake in the middle of the night, I often stay awake for a long time.

Recently a friend recommended humic acid and fulvic acid.   If you search on Google, you see claims that it can heal just about everything. Here are a couple of links.

Our friend was so impressed with the benefits that he has created a company called Humivita and now sells the product. My husband and I were skeptical (as with all things like this), but we trust our friend and both decided to give it a try. Within a couple of weeks we began to notice subtle changes.

For starters, I had no cravings. This is very strange for me, as I've spent my whole life having cravings. Sometimes for healthy foods, sometimes for less healthy foods. That seemed like it, but a couple of months after that I started sleeping better. Even if I was woken by a kid in the night, I'd fall asleep quickly and sleep hard until morning. I still wasn't totally convinced, but I recently ran out of the product and thought I'd stop taking it to see if I noticed any changes. It's been about a month since I stopped taking it, and I'm waking up again at night and staying awake. I also realized I hadn't needed to use the bathroom at night, which I have for decades. And now that I'm off it, I have to use the bathroom again. To me it is worth the price for how well rested I was.

If you want to try for yourself, you can visit

Disclaimer, my husband now sells the product, but no pressure to buy from him. I'm not Dr.Oz.

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