Sunday, October 26, 2014

Falling in love with Sandwiches

Even Dietitian's get caught up in trends. We aren't immune to what the media reports, what those around us are doing, and what the trends in nutrition are. Some are great. I eat kale several times a week and love it. Others maybe not so great, like worrying about eating bread even in the absence of celiac's disease. It seems I had forgotten about bread, just with what I hear around me and what I recommend to client's who are bread-phobic because of the trend and media.

I think it is important to diversify your grains and carbohydrate sources. If bread and wheat are your only sources, then it is time to branch out. Eat a sweet potato, or some rice, oatmeal or quinoa. But if you have no issue in digesting wheat, then nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of a sandwich.

Lunches for me are often in my vehicle. I know this is not ideal, but I sit at a table for my other meals. My car is my office, and during the travel time between appointments, it is wonderful to have a well made sandwich. Well planned, paired with veggie sticks, it is easy to pack a clean, easy to eat while driving, meal.

We found a bread maker for $10 at a garage sale. So between my sourdough baking and the new machine, we don't ever have to buy bread with suspect ingredients anymore. I'm packing different grains into the bread as well. Add some protein and veggies and you're good to go.

It is so satisfying, I find I'm much more full than I am following a salad, and this leads to less picking throughout the afternoon. My favourite combo: tofu salad, hummus, roasted red pepper and tomato. Try different spreads- kalamata olives and garlic whirred together in a food processor adds loads of flavor. Don't forget how great pickles are.


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