Friday, June 13, 2014

Training Begins

I'm officially into week two of training for the Wine Country Half Marathon here in Kelowna.  With my husband away this week, I took advantage of a cancellation this week to sneak in a 14km run. Sunday was my 12km, so not huge distances, but big for me considering the last few months have been all about 5km runs. And with only three days between the two big efforts, I'm happy that my legs felt strong.

The Girls on the Run group I was assistant coach for wound up yesterday. So amazing to watch these girls finish the 5km event we put on for them. Watching them accomplish their goal after 10 weeks together was such a joy! If you aren't familiar with the program, check out

We are going to be going on holiday, just the four of us, at the end of next week. I'm extremely excited to have some down time with my three favourite guys. We're staying in a cabin by the ocean, cooking our own meals, and walking and running as much as we can. I've left the 10 days we're gone blank on my training schedule, but without other options, I'll be running shorter, more often.

When we return, it's back to training. Speed work and hills will become part of my weeks. Summer will be upon us, so fruit, raw desserts and lots of beach time will be too!

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