Saturday, April 13, 2013

My own superfood cereal "to go"

We're in Vancouver this weekend, and there are a lot of fabulous places to eat, but we like our own breakfast to get a jump on the day. It also saves calories for a coffee while we're walking a great city. I decided to make an instant super food breakfast for myself. I mixed the following into a reusable airtight container:
1. A few scoops of chia seeds
2. A few scoops of hemp seeds
3. A scoop of raisins
4. A scoop of pumpkin seeds

In the morning I took a couple Tablespoons, added soy milk and organic strawberries, waited about 10 minutes and ate it before a gorgeous run on the sea wall. It was fantastic, filling and healthy! You could add whatever you want; flaxseed, dried cherries, oats, chopped nuts, sunflower seeds...whatever! And it's easy to pack a large amount. Try it!

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