Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blog Love

I absolutely love cooking and baking. I love coming up with healthy ways to modify recipes and I am never scared to adapt a recipe to improve the nutrients in it. We almost always have some sort of healthy dessert or snack around the house and baking is an activity that my 4-year old and I enjoy doing when we're home alone.

But my real field is nutrition, which isn't always recipes and food prep. I am busy with clients and the other aspects of my home based business, and many of the foods we eat aren't my own invention, so I don't post them. Recently, I've fallen head over heels for www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com. I've been working my way through the healthy oatmeal section. Recipes have worked out amazingly well. I've also tried the "Healthy Cookie Dough Dip", with great success. Sure the RD in me sometimes adapts the recipes to make them even healthier, but most of her recipes don't need me! And to be honest, sometimes I take it too far and end up being the only one who'll eat it!

Check out her website, it's amazing. My favourite oatmeals are the baked recipes. Many are done as single serves, I triple it for the little boys and me, but still cook in little ramekins and muffin cups. They come out so cute and appealing, the boys eat twice as much.

So, if I'm not posting enough ideas and recipes for you, I invite you to check out Katie's website. You won't be sorry!

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