Monday, June 24, 2013

Sprouting Challenge

Halfway through the sprouting challenge, and I thought it was time to report on how things are going. The sprouter is three tiered and has little drains on each tier. I'm used to rinsing sprouts twice a day, but with this sprouter, you don't do a thing after pouring the water in the top tray. It flows through the three tiers and then you just remove the bottom tray which collects the water and dump it, or as A.Vogel suggests, water your house plants.

The trays are big and the sprouts had started sprouting by day 2! And as of yesterday (day 4!), we were adding them to salads or just snacking on them for fun. And not just out of impatience! They are big and beautiful, with so much green!

On day 2 I was worried because I noticed fluffy white everywhere- but the instruction book says not to confuse the fibrous roots that may form with mould. There is absolutely no mouldy smell, or wet smell, or any unpleasant smell at all, just a fresh, green smell!

Tomorrow will be my day of sprouts. I have several recipes I plan to try- I'm imagining some sauteed with garlic and greens, some blended into a snack ball, and maybe even some in the oven to get crunchy? We'll see and I'll write more tomorrow!

For this first round of sprouting, I did radish, mung bean and "fitness mix", which contains radish, mung, French turnip seeds and wheat. A.Vogel has many other mixes and sprout seeds to check out. Also, you can follow others participating in the sprouting challenge by going to A.Vogel's  facebook page or following #bioSnackySprouts on twitter.

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