Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chocolate Covered Katie is on to something!

More on there's something to be said for dessert for breakfast! A study in the March issue of the journal "Steroids" found that when men and women were given a 600 calorie breakfast containing high protein and carbohydrates along with a dessert (they used cookies, doughnuts or small slices of cake), they were more likely to retain weight loss when compared to a group who had a lower calorie breakfast and no morning dessert. Study participants found they had fewer cravings among other benefits. Katie offers the best of both world, her breakfast "dessert's" are healthy but feel like an indulgence. We tried cherry oatmeal parfaits (although made with strawberry oatmeal),containing silken tofu with chocolate melted in and topped with coconut whipped cream (so easy to make, just use cold cocount cream!). They were pretty to look at and tasted amazing. And gave us a good dose of whole grains, fruit and protein from the tofu. I may try a layer of chocolate chia pudding next time. (like this one here: It doesn't have to be dessert, it just has to feel like dessert!

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