Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching Up

Hey, it's been so long! I'm having a lovely time in Winnipeg visiting family and friends. Also wrapped up the fifth and final, which is very close to my heart.

A few quick updates for you all. First off, my four year old son had his birthday salad. He ate a green leaf and a red leaf, with apple juice vinaigrette and told me that was enough. Later he has confessed that the "dip" was a bit sour. Oh well, we'll try again when we get back to Kelowna.

Local, organic greens in Winnipeg are a struggle to find. They had an extremely late spring here and there is very little produce available. I did find some Californian greens, they were okay. Nutrition aside, greens picked close to home are so much better tasting, I eat three or four times as many! But Greg, who is back in Kelowna, sent me a picture of our garden and I think as soon as I get home I'll be just fine, there is enough salad for weeks!! The grass may not be greener in Kelowna (at least not without a lot of effort), but the produce sure is!

Being on holdiays and constantly in visiting mode can be hard on your diet. My advice and what I'm finding works is to make sure you have a great breakfast (I'm doing 1/4 cup oats, 2 Tbsp Chia, 1 Tbsp hemp and 1/4 cup nuts/seeds mixed with soy milk, cinnamon and fresh berries). Bring something healthy to every family supper. And get a work out in before you start your day. Running is the easiest to fit in for me. Also it is great to have a goal following a holiday. I'm going to register for the Wine Country Half Marathon on September 7th and training begins next weekend!

Last update: I'm taking part in a sprouting challenge. You can follow along! The challenge starts June 20th and is sponsered by A.Vogel. Follow on my blog (visit to comment), on twitter (#bioSnackySprouts. @kelownaRD), and on facebook. My three tiered sprouter should arrive this week, I'm so excited to check it out!

Next post, snacking. I'm finally ready to blog about it. I finished reading "French Kids Eat Everything" and between that and my own research, the post is ready in my mind. Stay tuned!

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